Darrell Hayden Speaking for Creative Feedback






Darrell, Thanks so much for your time yesterday. Had a good chat with the team after you left. They were energized, excited, hopeful and fired-up about their new skills. They were all so appreciative of this investment in them. They thought it was highly valuable, and all felt they learned so much. Feels good to help others develop 🙂 Really appreciate your effort and follow-up with the team.
Bella Banbury & Tracy Lloyd
Founding Partners
Emotive Brand
Oakland, CA


Wanted to let you know we had a major new business presentation last week. It was Dennis, myself and Sean B. I made a point of not running the presentation, and left most of it to Sean. He was a rock star. I can really see the positive effect your guidance has had on his presentation style and level of confidence. Thank you very much.
Jacques Rossouw
Creative Director & Managing Partner
VoiceBox Creative
San Francisco, CA


Thank you for the day and expertise. The team was energized afterwards, and I’m confident we’ll see improvements across all players. I for one appreciated your brief follow-up list and will keep it close at hand.

Matthew Youngblood
Trinity Brand Group
Berkeley, CA

Thanks, Darrell. Was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks for this feedback!  I’ve already started removing “um” from my vocab!

Samantha FitzGerald
Project Director
New York, NY

Had a great client presentation today incorporating your feedback. Thanks again.

Eric Davis
VP, Group Creative Director
Santa Monica, CA

It was great meeting you yesterday! What makes your approach stand out is that you’re a creative too, and really understand the unique nature of our presentations and audience – something I really appreciate.

Robert Burns
Associate Art Director
San Francisco, CA

Many thanks again for coming in on Friday. I loved the flow of the day, the specific attention to detail, and your attitude and warm character. All prime elements of a successful day. I know our team gained a lot from participating in the training. Thrilled we got to meet you and benefit from your experience. I hope others in our company will get the benefit of working with you this year as well.

Nicola Finnerty
VP, Head of Qualitative
Greenberg Strategy
Emeryville, CA

It was the best work class I’ve taken. After just the first five minutes, I felt comfortable the rest of the day. It also feels empowering. I don’t think I will experience the level of apprehension before my next big presentation. I now realize the key is practice – that and always being prepared.  And thanks for the tips on speaking up in meetings!

Steve Fukunda
Art Director
San Francisco, CA

We all really loved your workshop, and got a tremendous amount out of it! I’ve already mentioned to my boss how awesome it was, and told him it should be mandatory training on our team. I’ll also spread the word about you to other teams.

Ann Benoit
Sr. Visual/Interaction Designer, Brand Studio
San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the notes, Darrell. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you today. Lots of great insight on my style of presentation as well as others in my group.  Hope our paths cross again. I have a feeling you have lots more interesting stories to tell about your agency days!

Young Tran
Creative Services Manager
Sunnyvale, CA

I really enjoyed our work on Friday and found all your tips and tricks very helpful. I believe they will make a big difference in my presentation skills and also enable me to provide more constructive feedback to my team.

Laura Davis
Associate Communications Planning Director
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for the workshop! It was a great experience, and I already feel so much more confident about how to prepare for presentations and conscious about my skills. We will definitely help each other improve as a team.

Naomi Hoag
San Francisco, CA

The team was, to a person, really positive about the experience that they had with you, and all felt they benefited from your class. The review notes were very helpful, and I will keep them in the HR files for future review.

Moira Riddell
Head of Client Services
Turner Duckworth
London, England

Your masterclasses always make a huge impact. I hope we can schedule another one soon.

Noelle Flood
Global Executive Client Director
Landor Associates
Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for the summary of feedback. I really enjoyed the afternoon and found the session to be engaging and incredibly helpful. Most of the feedback in the room was around things I’m aware of and think about, but I wasn’t actually aware I was doing them myself! It was great to get this feedback and tips to improve.

Tristan Besse
Senior Account Manager
San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your time and insights last Friday. I certainly got a lot out of it that I will work on for the future. I will spread the word in Australia and see if there are any opportunities for you to come ‘down under’. Will be in touch.

Deane Shillito
Continuous Improvement Practice, APAC
Melbourne, Australia

Really enjoyed your workshop and your constructive feedback.

Sarah Owens
Senior Account Manager
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for the feedback!  I thoroughly enjoyed our session yesterday, and I can speak for the group that it was an “eye-opening” experience. I think a lot of times we tend to overlook these minor details and in our heads think we are great speakers in meetings and on conference calls. Putting us outside of our comfort zone and in front of an audience really helped us realize that speaking in front of a crowd requires a lot of work and practice.

Leanne Tanizawa
Associate Show Lead, Orginal Series
Santa Monica, CA

Just wanted to thank you for the coaching session at Old Navy Online last week. I really enjoyed your style and energy you brought to our group!

Phillip Wong
Web Designer
Gap Inc. Direct
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us! I felt like I gained way more in that one day than the quarter long Speech course I took in college. The whole experience was very enjoyable and educational.

Aliana Rood
Junior Web Designer
Benefit Cosmetics
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so very much. It was very valuable and I certainly hope we can set-up follow-up sessions six-to-nine months out to check our progress as a group. I appreciate your candor and insight. You have a unique gift and a powerful ability to communicate effectively. Thank you for sharing that part of your life experience with us. It was a privilege.

Gary Feruson
Brand Governor
Cisco Systems
San Jose, CA

Just dropping a note to let you know that I had my first major speech with my toastmasters group. I received very high marks on all fronts. The thing that helped the most, which is what I worked on with you, was to find a compelling and attention grabbing way of starting my speech. Once I defined that and the main point I wanted to end with, the organization of my speech was pretty easy.

Tracey Pattani
Senior VP
San Francisco, CA


If there are any creatives out there looking to improve their public speaking skills, Darrell is the one person you should call. He has an extensive background in the creative field and is extremely good at knowing the dos and don’ts with respect to presentations from a creative perspective. If you would like to improve your presentation skills, this is the way to do it!

Dennis Healy
Creative Manager
Burton Snowboards
Burlington, VT